Hello World: Thursday June 10, 2021

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Welcome and News [00:22]
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- Open source API portal: https://github.com/Azure/API-Portal 
Azure Tips/Tricks [02:53]
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Like always learn more about these tips and much more at https://aka.ms/AzureTipsAndTricks
A Bit of IoT [08:06]
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To learn more about #JulyOT and to know where to watch as content drops in July, bookmark https://aka.ms/julyot and be sure to check the page every Thursday during he month of #JulyOT!
The Ability Talk [13:24]
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Learn more about Configure Microsoft Teams meetings and calls for inclusion here https://docs.microsoft.com/learn/modules/m365-teams-accessibility/
ABSee [26:23]
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- A visual guide to Azure Data Factory https://aka.ms/visual/acg-adf