Hello World: Thursday, March 18, 2021

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Welcome and News
- Programming for Accessibility (Azure Thursday): video 
- Learn Java On Azure (self-paced): https://aka.ms/java-learn-path 
- Get Started With Microsoft Graph Toolkit (*new*) https://aka.ms/learn-mgt
File New Project ​
- Meet Rutha on Twitter at @RuthaNuguse
Azure Tips and Tricks
- Check out all the Azure Tips and Tricks available at https://aka.ms/azuretipsandtricks 
Humans of Microsoft
- If you want to talk to Tibi about his experience, check him on Twitter @tibor19
Certifications @ Microsoft
Episode's Segments

[00:00] Countdown
[00:49] Welcome & Headlines
[03:29] File New Project ​ ​
[08:41] Azure Tips and Tricks
[13:39] Humans of Microsoft
[19:44] Certifications @ Microsoft
[24:15] Wrap-up