Hello World: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We are welcoming a new host Suzanne, who is joining us from Singapore. In this episode we are talking about Multipass a OSS project, Active Directory, #TokCode, and for the first time This week on Channel 9! A big episode let us know your favorite moment!

Join the conversation live at https://aka.ms/learnTV​ ​

Intro and Agenda
SpotLight: OSS Project
This week on Channel 9 
Audience Challenge
  • "Because Active Directory can do almost *anything*, people use it for *everything*. What's the zaniest thing you've seen AD used for?"-- @jdooley_clt #HelloWorldChallenge

Episode Segments

[00:00] Countdown
[00:06] Intro and Agenda
[04:06] SpotLight: OSS Project
[08:46] This week on Channel 9 
[14:55] Audience Challenge
[20:03] ​#CodeTok
[25:19] Coming-Up Next