Az Next – AI-powered interactive assistant Azure CLI

The Azure CLI already AI-build in with the az find command, and you might have seen a great feature like AI-powered PowerShell module called Az Predictor Module (Azure PowerShell Predictions), which does what the name says, predict PowerShell commands. Now with az next, the team also brought a similar feature to the Azure CLI. The team's goal with az next is to guide users through their scenarios or sequence of jobs-to-be-done in the tool so that they could remain focused and avoid unnecessary external documentation searches.

Az next adopts our latest design guidelines and should help to make the Azure CLI more approachable for all users, including beginners.

There are two scenarios in which are currently supported. The first one is a simple walkthrough for the next commands as soon as you execute az next. After that, the Azure CLI will return a set of command options, which are highly likely to come after your last command. This is super helpful if you are running a sequence of commands, the Azure CLI will provide you with predictive recommendations.

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