Azure Unblogged - Event Hub on Azure Stack Hub

Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub will allow you to realize cloud and on-premises scenarios that use streaming architectures. You can use the same features of Event Hubs on Azure, such as Kafka protocol support, a rich set of client SDKs, and the same Azure operational model. Whether you are using Event Hubs on a hybrid (connected) scenario or on a disconnected scenario, you will be able to build solutions that support stream processing at a large scale that is only bound by the Event Hubs cluster size that you provision according to your needs.


🔖 Chapters:
0:00​ Introduction
1:25 What is Event Hubs?
2:32 Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub use cases
7:40 Overview Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub
19:20 Hybrid Cloud Architecture
28:20 Demo
37:30 Recap

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