Protect your critical Azure resources with Microsoft Azure Firewall

Hear from experts on how Microsoft Azure Firewall protects your cloud network resources and enables a Zero-Trust approach. You will also learn more about Azure Firewall's role in your growing Azure environment and the new capabilities.

Learn more: Azure Front Door | Microsoft Azure

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:45 Agenda
  • 1:08 Trends we are seeing
  • 1:36 Azure Firewall Overview
  • 2:59 A modern cloud approach with Azure Firewall
  • 4:37 New features in Azure Firewall
  • 6:40 Grow and scale with Azure firewall Manager
  • 8:09 Azure Firewall Manager Overview
  • 9:24 Firewall policy overview
  • 11:53 Firewall policy features
  • 13:34 Conclusion

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