MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH bug check has a value of 0x000000E2.

The bug check occurs when a keystroke combination is entered on a PS/2 and/or USB Keyboard. To support the Ctrl-Ctrl-Scroll Lock keystroke on USB keyboards, add the kbdhid setting; for PS/2 keyboards, add the i8042prt setting. It is recommended to set both.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

The Manually Initiated Crash bug check is similar to the Bugcheck 0x1C8 MANUALLY_INITIATED_LONG_BUTTON_HOLD, bug check, which is triggered on the prolonged hold of the Power Button.

Since the bug check is at an indeterminate time, there is no explicit issue indicated by the bug check parameters. The entire system needs to be debugged for issues (e.g. Look for Hung IRPs, Processors stuck at a high IRQL, etc.).

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