Deep Dive: Building an End to End IoT Solution - Internet of Hazelnut

with Olivier Bloch

end to end iot solution

Premieres: October 28th, 9am-10am PDT with live Q&A and on-demand following the event.

Deep Dives are interactive technical live and on-demand events for developers, architects, or anyone building IoT solutions. Microsoft engineers and guest speakers do technical deep dives about a new feature or scenario. List of all upcoming Microsoft IoT Deep Dives: https://aka.ms/iotshow/deepdive

Deep Dive: Building an End to End IoT Solution - Internet of Hazelnut

The Azure IoT team will do a deep dive on building an end to end IoT solution! Learn how to connect a real device and send data to Azure with the Embedded C SDK and Azure IoT Hub. Plus, how to visualize the data with Times Series Insights. Learn how to build IoT solutions with online self-paced tutorials and learning paths on Microsoft Learn: https://aka.ms/mslearniot
Learn more about the Embedded C SDK: https://aka.ms/embeddedcsdk
Azure IoT Deep Dive IoT Solution
 Deep Dive will showcase an end to end IoT solution that focuses on monitoring field crop in silos

Guest Speakers: 

  • Wellington Duraes, Azure IoT Senior PM
  • Ewerton Scaboro, Senior Software Engineer

Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM & Developer AdvocateAzure IoT Deep Dive End to End IoT Solution

Speakers will showcase how to use Arduino and other tooling options to connect devices

Resources to get started with Embedded C SDK:

Azure IoT Developer Resources:


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