Deep Dive: Developing for Azure Sphere

with Olivier Bloch

Azure Sphere Deep Dive IoTAired: July 13, 9am-10am PT with live Q&A and now on-demand.

CLICK HERE to see the YouTube video with all the LIVE Q/A: https://aka.ms/deepdive/azure-sphere-live

Learn more about developing for Azure Sphere

In this Deep Dive, we take a look at all aspects of developing software for your Azure Sphere device. Beginning with an Azure Sphere dev kit and the Azure Sphere SDK, we'll get your first app built, deployed and debugged in Visual Studio Code. We'll then dig into various unique aspects of the Azure Sphere platform: the app manifest, the device capability file, the application runtime APIs, the cloud deployment model, and the difference between high-level apps vs real-time capable apps.

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Guest Speakers:  Richard Taylor - Azure Sphere Principal PM Lead

Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM

Azure Sphere docs, dev kits, and samples:

IoT Shows (and search for "Azure Sphere"): https://aka.ms/iotshow

Microsoft Q&A (for Azure Sphere):

Seven properties of highly secured devices: aka.ms/7properties https://aka.ms/19bestpractices

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