Deep Dive: Developing for Azure Sphere Over the Air Updates

with Olivier Bloch

Deep Dive Azure Sphere OTAPremieres: September 30th, 9am-10am PDT with live Q&A and on-demand following the event.

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Deep Dive: Developing for Azure Sphere Over the Air Updates

Azure Sphere is a platform for creating new internet-connected IoT devices with built-in security and for securely connecting existing equipment. The secure-by-design hardware, layered defense-in-depth OS, and cloud-based security service work seamlessly together to deliver active security and to provide ongoing security updates delivered directly to every device for more than ten years.

Azure Sphere supports updates to the OS, which are provided by Microsoft, and also supports updates for the applications written for your device. These updates can fix problems, provide new functionality, and counter emerging methods of attack. Updates ensure continued operation and renewable security, however, there are a number of scenarios in which updates need to be deferred and/or scheduled.

In this Deep Dive we will walk through the update model for Azure Sphere devices and how developers can make best use of these capabilities to keep devices up to date and secured.

Guest Speakers: 

  • Mike Hall, Principal Software Engineering Lead

Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM