Deep Dive: Build Solutions and Certify Devices with IoT Plug and Play

with Olivier Bloch

Join us LIVE at 9am PT September 11th! Video stream will be added here before the event.

Ready to deep dive into our new IoT Plug and Play?

Deep Dives are interactive live events, so join us learn and ask questions with our engineers and Azure IoT team building IoT Plug and Play.

In this deep dive, we will describe and demonstrate how to build solutions with IoT Central and IoT Hub using IoT Plug and Play devices. You will learn about how to visualize telemetry and manage settings and commands exposed IoT Plug and Play device capability models, and how to build customized views and dashboards in IoT Central using simulated devices from the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog. We will also show how device partners can build IoT Plug and Play devices using developer tooling and the new Azure Certified for IoT portal.  

More info about Plug and Play:

IoT Plug and Play offers a new, open modeling language to connect IoT devices to the cloud seamlessly. With IoT Plug and Play, developers can connect IoT devices to the cloud, without having to write a single line of embedded code. IoT Plug and Play also enables device manufactures to build smarter IoT devices that just work with the cloud.  

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