Deep Dive: Using CI/CD to Deploy IoT Edge Modules with Confidence

with Olivier Bloch

IoT Show Deep Dive: Using CI/CD to Deploy IoT Edge Modules with Confidence

October 23rd - 9am PT

Deep Dives are interactive live events where we do technical deep dives into a new topic to help developers, architects, or anyone building an IoT solution be able to learn and ask questions live with our engineers from Microsoft! 

Please note if you want to ask questions during the event, please join the youtube live stream linked here. Calendar invite above!

Azure IoT Edge scales out your IoT solution by packaging your business logic into standard containers, then you can deploy those containers to any of your devices and monitor it all from the cloud. However, integrating containers into a continuous delivery pipeline is far from easy. Along with the benefits Azure IoT Edge brings, there are challenges both tech and process related.

This Deep Dive outlines the steps you need to take for a fully automated CI/CD pipeline that builds IoT Edge modules deployed into Azure IoT Edge devices at scale with confidence. We will show how solution developers and operators can setup the pipelines with their preferred CI/CD tools like Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, etc.


Deep Dives are hosted by Pamela Cortez from the Azure IoT Team.

Special guests:

  • Xin Shi - PM
  • Kat Ngov - Software Engineer
  • Hadwa Abdelhalem - Software Engineer