Sharpen Your Cloud Skills - Episode 3 - Automate Your Cloud

Discover the best practices of Cloud resource with Principal Cloud Advocate, Steven Murawski and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Foteini Savvidou. Automating your cloud resource management can increase productivity, sustainability, and the scalability of your services. 

In this session led by Steven Murawski, Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, and Microsoft Student Ambassador, Foteini Savvidou will explain the concept of Infrastructure-as-Code and discuss the advantages that it offers over ordinary scripting. They will then go on to show how to automate cloud resource management with infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform and explore its role as an infrastructure orchestrator. They will describe how it differs from conventional configuration management practices.

During this session you will walk through principles and hands on demonstrations and walk away with tools and best practices for your cloud management strategy.

Together, you will walk through the free Microsoft Learn module "Automate cloud resource management".