Sharpen Your Cloud Skills - Episode 4 - Monitor Cloud Resources

Learn how to use cloud applications to monitor cloud resources with Peter De TenderRodanthi Alexiou and Carnegie Mellon University.

Cloud monitoring allows you to keep track of your cloud infrastructure's health. It allows you to quickly identify unusual changes and allow you to make thoughtful and prompt decisions, when needed. Join Peter De Tender, Azure Technical Trainer and Rodanthi Alexiou, Microsoft Student Ambassador, as they explore the main argument in favor of continual and consistent monitoring and oversight of cloud-based systems. The Session will discuss and demonstrate different quantitative measurements you should be using when tracking, reviewing and implementing. monitoring platforms.

The session will deep dive into the metrics that are important as you set your application up. You will leave this session with a greater understanding of the importance of cloud monitoring and ways to implement it.

Together, you will walk through the free Microsoft Learn module "Monitor Cloud Resources".