Crack the code and reveal a secret with Python and Visual Studio Code

On this episode of Learn with Dr G, we discover a secret message that needs a code cracker to find the truth. Solve the code mystery to reveal a location inspired by the WONDER WOMAN 1984 film. This video follows the second WONDER WOMAN 1984 module in the learning path found at https://aka.ms/LearnWithDrG/WonderWoman

No previous coding experience required, but you do need to have Visual Studio Code with the Python extension installed, you can find instructions at https://aka.ms/LearnOnVSCode

Learning to code is full of AHA moments, failing forward, clarity, confusion, and everything in between. And learning how data plays a role is the code we write adds another layer of excitement. Sarah (Dr. G) has dedicated her professional career to not only learning new things, but also learning how people learn new things. While earning her PhD in computer science, she focused on building curriculum and tools to help novices of all ages take their first steps on their personal coding journey. Along the way, she's taught thousands of children, career changers, teachers, and university professors how to code, and more importantly, about the two most important pieces to success: perseverance and community. Join Dr. G on our collaborative journey through code, data science, and machine learning and become a part of that community! With the power of Visual Studio Code, Azure, and some creative fun you can test your own persistence, learn something new, and likely teach something too!