Made with MRTK: Bot Integration

MRTK-Unity is a Microsoft-driven project that provides a set of components and features, used to accelerate cross-platform MR app development in Unity.

This project provides an introductory to creating a bot with the QnA Maker and integrating into a Mixed Reality project.

Note: This project uses billable Azure services. Be sure to delete your Azure resources if you do not intend to use this app for production.

Below is a description of each part of the video:

  • Setup Project (00:00) - Learn how to setup your Unity environment in preparation to integrate a bot into the experience.
  • Create Azure Resources (08:58) - Learn how to create the Azure resources and the bot.
  • Create UI and Bot Integration (19:12) - Learn how to create the UI and add the scripts for bot integration.
  • Demo (40:52) - View a demo of the project with a HoloLens 2.


GitHub repo: github.com/aprilspeight/mrtk-bot-integration