Introduction to Bot Framework Composer

At Ignite, Microsoft announced a visual tool to build chatbots quickly. With features as language generation, language understanding, QnA, and many more with a low-code experience.
In this session, I will build a chatbot from scratch and showing many different features of Bot Framework Composer

Who is it aimed at?
Any one who would learn more about building chatbots. No skills needed

Why should people attend?
Chatbots are not a hype anymore but actually a tool that can help your organization to automate processes or to add extra customer service. In this session you will get an overview of what is possible and how easy it is done.

Any prerequisites for the attendee?

Sammy Deprez is senior consultant and Managing Partner of Arinti (a company focused on the Microsoft AI Platform) He is passionate about everything that has to do with data and anything connecting to that, from reporting till data science & AI. Worked on projects locally & abroad and in industries from healthcare to finance & banking. And most importantly he loves to share his knowledge with others. Thats why he is also organizer of the Global AI Events in Belgium + Core Member of dataMinds (Belgian Microsoft Data Platform community)