Speaker Ready: MVP Bill Ayers and Just a Minute

In the radio panel game "Just a Minute", contestants have to talk about a randomly chosen subject for 60 seconds "without hesitation, deviation or repetition". Sometimes giving a presentation feels like that. Although most conference sessions are more like 60 minutes in length, you can think of it in terms of a succession of 60 second sub-topics. If you want to sound natural, you need to master this skill.

About the Standout Speaker Series

Have you ever been in the audience for a presentation and thought to yourself: "Wow, this person is an AMAZING public speaker! I wish I could have five minutes with them and learn from their experience."

Well, now's your chance! We asked Microsoft executives, peers, and leaders to nominate an excellent speaker who would be willing to give you, our Microsoft Speaker Community, a short tip, trick, or bit of advice that helped them really accelerate their speaking expertise.

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