WSL: Mount USB devices

WSL now supports connecting USB devices on Windows 11 thanks to contributions to a 3rd party open-source project.

Learn more about what scenarios this enables, how to set things up, see some demos, and hear from Nelson, the intern that made it happen!

This episode will cover:

  • [00:00] Ben McMorran, Software Engineer for WSL, introduces us to recent contributions to a 3rd party open-source project that enables USB devices to be connected to WSL
  • [00:25] Why would I want to use USB devices with WSL? 
  • [01:02] Demo: Set up WSL 2 on Windows 11 to support attaching USB devices and using the usbid wsl command
  • [05:54] How does this work? Meet our intern, Nelson! 
  • [09:37] Where can I learn more? 

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