Operationalizing Contact Center efficiency with AI

Watch this episode with @ruthieyakubu and Anand J on how Ujet is modernizing digital and in-app experiences by unifying the enterprise brand experience across sales, marketing, and support, eliminating the frustration of channel switching between voice, digital, and self-service for consumers. 

An exceptional conversation with Anand Janefalkar, CEO of Ujet, who have raised over $114M in funding for their AI-Driven real-time communication platform that makes things easy for customers and businesses to instantly connect so they can resolve problems faster. Ujet's Virtual Agent supports intelligent conversational AI for a more natural human-like conversation across voice and messaging channels.  In this episode, we will discuss how the company is going beyond the traditional Virtual Agents by providing call center support using advanced NLP, cyber security protections and multimodality virtual and human agent support in order to provide exceptional customer experiences.

👩‍💻 Hands-on learning Resources:

Azure LUIS: https://aka.ms/TELearnLuis
Azure BotFramework: https://aka.ms/TELearnBotService
Azure Speech-to-Text: https://aka.ms/TELearnSpeechServices
Azure Text Analytics: https://aka.ms/TELearnTextAnalytics
Azure Translator: https://aka.ms/TELearnTranslator

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