Using AI and Data Science to eliminate bias in hiring

Watch this episode with @ruthieyakubu and @ninasuri on how X0PA AI automates routine tasks and offers AI predictive analytics so that companies can make the best-informed talent selection decisions. This includes external and internal hiring, internship/ grad hiring and allocations, admissions, scholarship selections, skill gap analysis for upskilling and reskilling.

An exceptional conversation with Nina Alag Suri, CEO of X0PA AI, who has been a seasonal entrepreneur and a geek at heart!  Their AI solution provides powerful SaaS AI-driven pre-screening and predictive insights to recruiters and hiring managers so that they can make the best-informed selection decisions to enhance the quality and efficiency of hires at scale. In this session, we will discuss techniques the company uses such as cognitive services, NLP and Bot services to provide the best and inclusive talent for companies.

👩‍💻 Hands-on learning Resources:

Azure LUIS: https://aka.ms/TELearnLuis
Azure BotFramework: https://aka.ms/TELearnBotService
Azure Video Indexer: https://aka.ms/TELearnVideoIndexer
Azure Speech-to-Text: https://aka.ms/TELearnSpeechServices
Azure Text Analytics: https://aka.ms/TELearnTextAnalytics
Azure Translator: https://aka.ms/TELearnTranslator

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