Build WebSocket-based web apps with the Azure Web PubSub Service

Broadcast Date: September 2, 2021 at 3PM PT 
Real-time online scenarios are becoming more and more popular in our life. Examples are cross-platform chat for live streaming videos, live whiteboards for remote education, instant notifications or alerts for IT system, and real-time location tracking dashboards. The Azure Web PubSub service enables you to use WebSockets and the publish-subscribe (PubSub) pattern to easily build real-time web applications. It offers built-in support for large scale client connections and highly available architectures. A wide variety of programming languages with WebSocket APIs are supported to build cross platform clients.
In this session we'll introduce the Azure Web PubSub service, and show you how easy it is to build a real-time web application with WebSocket and the publish-subscribe pattern.
Liangying Wei
Liangying is a Senior Software Engineer in the Developer Division at Microsoft. She is mainly focused on the real-time messaging area, and she has been working on SignalR service for four years since its public preview. Most recently she has been involved with the Web PubSub service through its design to public previe