Jupyter Notebooks: An Ideal Way to Study Deep Learning with PyTorch on MS Learn

Originally Broadcast: July 15 at 1 PM PT

Microsoft Learn recently enabled an important new way for you to get familiar with machine learning.  You can now follow along and work with Microsoft Learn exercises using Jupyter Notebooks! 

In this episode, we'll discuss the collaboration with PyTorch that delivered this new functionality, plus review learning paths on Microsoft Learn that have Jupyter Notebooks enabled, what that means, and how you can use them to enhance your Microsoft Learn experience. 


Cassie Breviu

Hi! I'm a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. I enjoy working in technologies with two letter abbreviations: AI/ML, MR/VR/XR/AR. But really, I loves all things tech and enjoy building solutions with many different technologies. Outside of programming I love yoga, musical instruments, biking, puppies, and whatever flavor of the year hobby has caught my attention.

Dmitry Soshnikov
Dmitry has been working for Microsoft for 15 years, having a career in evangelism, software development, data science and now in cloud advocacy. He is also an associate professor, and teaches AI and Functional Programming in a couple of universities in Russia.

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