Microservices made easy with Dapr

Applications built using microservice architecture offer compelling benefits, however building them is hard and comes at a cost of having to understanding distributed systems. Developers should focus on business logic and instead they end up solving the same problems such as state management, resilient calls and event handling with limited portability across public clouds. The Distributed Application Runtime, Dapr (https://dapr.io/), is an open source project that gives super powers to all developers to build cloud native applications, no matter what developer framework or language they decide to use. Come and find out how Dapr makes building microservice applications a joy!
Mark Fussell, Principal PM Manager, Azure Incubations, Microsoft
Mark is a leader in building innovative computing platforms with a passion for distributed systems that meet the needs of all organizations. He has deep experience building technical strategies, running product teams and engaging with all developers to have fun, writing code. Mark is a founder and maintainer on the Distributed Application Runtime, Dapr https://github.com/dapr
Donovan Brown, Partner Program Manager, Azure CTO Incubations
Donovan Brown is a Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft. The Incubations team focuses on forward-looking development and innovation to facilitate the development of new projects and ideas. Before joining Microsoft, Donovan spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master. Donovan has traveled the globe helping companies develop solutions using agile practices in many industries. Donovan is an avid programmer, often finding ways to integrate software into his other hobbies and activities.
Nitya Narasimhan, Senior Cloud Advocate Program Manager
Nitya Narasimhan is a PhD, Parent and Polyglot with two decades of software & systems research and development experience spanning industry, academia, and community. In her current role as a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, she focuses on empowering our mobile developers, exploring multi-cloud usage, and employing visual storytelling techniques to help everyone learn, retain, and recall, relevant technology concepts, tools and workflows.