New Azure CLI offerings, from the (open) source

This show highlights some of the exciting new developments in the native cross-platform command line interface (CLI) for Azure, directly from the product team. The team is re-imagining Azure CLI guidance in docs and inside the CLI help to leverage best-of-breed content structure, including some exciting new AI techniques! We will then delve into some powerful new changes to simplify the interactive user experience. We'll wrap up with a discusssion about all the new commands to support the latest Azure features and services tha were delivered in time for Ignite.

Arun has been a consultant, developer,dev lead, architect, and PM working on Microsoft technologies for nearly 25 years, including 15 years at Microsoft. He is currently the Principal Program Manager for Azure CLI in the Azure Management Experience team in Microsoft. He also helps provide native support for AI, Identity, and Monitoring services across Azure CLI, PowerShell and Terraform. In the past few years, he has been focusing on DevOps and open source technologies in the cloud. This includes working on cloud services such as Office 365, Azure Data Labs, Azure DevOps Pipelines and Azure Lab Services. He then worked on integrating Jenkins, Netflix Spinnaker and Terraform with Azure before taking on product ownership of the Azure CLI in his current role. He has worked in various cities across the globe including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Canberra, and Seattle. Before specializing in the cloud, he worked on various technologies ranging from frameworks like ATL/COM/.NET to data technologies like SQL/OLAP/BI to web technologies like SOAP/WS* and the Semantic Web. He currently lives and works in Redmond.