Open Source Community Health: Your Guide to Continuous (Community) Improvement

Metrics, tracking, and logging for software development are well known – but ways to indicate community  "health" are  ambiguous. How do you avoid vanity metrics? How do other open source projects, community managers, and community event organizers and organizers do it? What if you're failing?

Jono Bacon (@jonobacon) and Jessica Deen (@jldeen) break down quantitative v. qualitative metrics, what data matters (and doesn't), why validations are more important than events, and share how they approach failure and continuous improvement. 

You'll walk away with a few practical ways to "instrument" your community and activities, track the right actions, plus advice for overcoming fear of failure. 

00:16 Catch Jono and Jessica's previous conversation about community here.

02:30 Jessica shares how she measures value for meet-ups and live events.

03:25 Jono talks about the value of feedback

04:16 Jono and Jessica's tips for overcoming the fear of failure

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