Open Source Project Spotlight: Binomial and Bionic Pancreas

Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt), Binomial co-founder, joins Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) to talk about their current projects. Stephanie covers the differences between CPU and GPU, how Binomial balances open standards with its paid products, and where to get started with open source image/texture compression. From Scott, you'll hear about open source in healthcare, including his personal experiences with diabetes technology, where to learn more, and ways to get involved.

You'll leave with a few new projects to check out, and, whatever you're passionate about, there's likely an open source community or project waiting for you to join - or start.

00:50 What's image texture compression (and GPU v. CPU)?

01:54 How do you have a company *and* do open source?

03:54 Do I need to know a lot of math to get started?

04:56 What's an artificial pancreas? What's going on in diabetes technology?

Learn More:

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Watch Scott's "Solving Diabetes with an Open Source Artificial Pancreas" talk:

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