TWC9: Remote Edition! PowerShell 7.1, VS Code 1.4.4, Windows Terminal, and Social Distancing

This week on Channel 9, Christina is back to bring you that good ol' dev news, but remotely! Tune into this weeks episode as we try a new format and talk about the following news:

[01:09] Microsoft Build is still happening! Microsoft Build 2020 

[01:43] Remote Development with Live Share

[02:22] Visual Studio code 1.4.4

[03:11] BYOM (Bring Your Own Machine) to VS Online  

Online CLI docs

[03:57] Visual Studio For Mac New Integrated Terminal

[04:41] PowerShell 7.1 Preview

[05:50] Windows Terminal v 0.1.0 

and the GitHub 

[06:20] Whats Happening on Channel 9 This week,  

[06:55] Christina's Pick of the Week - Turnip Calculator 


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