VS Code Notebooks: A Deep Dive

VS Code is adding Notebooks as a core concept in the API, on top of which extensions like the Jupyter Notebook are being built. Join Tanha to explore the the capabilities of Notebooks in VS Code. We'll also look under-the-hood at the new APIs to build custom notebooks and visualizers, and how you can use them to build new extensions.

More information on the Notebook APIs

Download the REST Book extensions

[00:00] - About to start
[00:15] - Welcome to the livestream
[01:28] - What are Notebooks
[04:51] - Demo of Notebooks (Jupyter, RESTbook, GitHub issues)
[12:20] - Native Notebooks in VS Code
[14:10] - Grocery Notebook demo
[17:46] - Q&A
[19:30] - Notebook extension architecture
[23:20] - Content serializers APIs
[31:25] - Execution engine APIs
[42:11] - Output renderer APIs
[47:36] - Recap of demo + next steps
[50:03] - Q&A