Visual Studio Installation and Customization

What's really happening when you install Visual Studio and how can you customize the installation? VS PM Soojin Choi answers these questions in this episode. Even if you have installed Visual Studio dozens of times before, you are sure to learn some tips and tricks that you will use the next time! 

Create a Network Installation of VS: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/install/create-a-network-installation-of-visual-studio?view=vs-2019/?&WT.mc_id=vstoolbox-c9-niner

GitHub Codespaces: https://github.com/features/codespaces/?&WT.mc_id=vstoolbox-c9-niner

Devinit Documentation: https://aka.ms/devinit/docs/?&WT.mc_id=vstoolbox-c9-niner