Model virtual machine costs with the Azure Cost Estimator Power BI Template

Jeff Amels joins host Sarah Lean to discuss how you can model and estimate your cost savings over pay-as-you-go pricing by using the Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserved instances with a powerful new Power BI template. which is now available as part of the Strategy phase of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

[00:00] Introduction
[01:44] Could you explain this new Azure VM Cost Estimator?
[02:48] Could you show us how the Power BI Template works?
[03:48] Could you explain the differences between Reserved Instances, Hybrid Benefit, and Pay-as-you-go?
[04:47] How does a customer plug their own data into the Cost Estimator?
[08:24] What's the process for estimating costs for non VMs?
[09:16] Where can people go to download the Cost Estimator?

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