CodeChat 009 - Chris Risner (Azure for all Platforms)

Join us for this week's chat with Chris Risner who spends most of his time focusing on the cross-platform capabilities of Microsoft Azure. You'll rarely find Chris working on Windows apps. In this episode of CodeChat, Chris talks about using things like Azure Mobile Services, Notification Hub, Media Services, and more to create service solutions that really don't care what client platform they're being used from.

[01:39] Introduction to Chris
[03:01] Sailboats
[04:31] What parts of Azure are you working on?
[06:28] Mobile Services
[07:39] What did we do before we had Backend-as-a-Service
[09:35] Is Mobile Services a good forward looking architectural decision?
[10:20] Can I connect to my mobile service through a website?
[12:04] Can you show us something in Mobile Services?
[15:46] Using Charles to see the HTTP messages.
[17:47] Scaling a Mobile Service
[18:23] What about the scaling of the Mobile Services database?
[19:34] What about push notifications to various platforms?
[22:38] Demo of a push on an iPhone
[24:56] Tags in notification hub
[25:56] Templates in notfication hub
[28:53] Media Services
[30:15] MPEG-DASH
[30:46] Service Bus
[31:39] Azure Active Directory
[34:02] What else ya got?
[36:43] Linux too?