CodeChat 019 - Tobiah Marks (Gaming)

Tobiah Marks is like me - a guy who talks about Microsoft stuff - only Tobiah talks about games. He talks about 2D games, 3D games, mobile games, PC games. You name it. Tobiah made Blast Monkeys which has been a huge hit, and is available on multiple platforms.

In this episode of CodeChat, I steal a little bit of Tobiah's time to chat about the state of the game development industry and discuss everything from frameworks, to entry points for aspiring game devs, to a 3D pizza printing machine.

I apologize in advance for the relatively poor audio. I lost a file, so the audio you hear is recorded straight from the GoPro camera and is less than the best for an interview.

Thanks for watching CodeChat.

[01:02] 3D printed pumpkins?
[02:35] Paper airplane gun
[03:00] We're here to talk about games!
[03:11] Who are you, Tobiah?
[05:22] What game are you working on now?
[07:22] NFC is really nice
[08:41] Blast Monkeys
[09:40] What makes Blast Monkeys successful?
[11:33] What do things look like for beginner game developers?
[13:07] Can a single guy be a successful game developer?
[15:43] Number one game design tool overall is...
[18:03] What do you think about Unity?
[18:56] What's the best way to get started with Unity?
[23:01] Game egines for cross platform

[02:13] aka.ms/foodini
[03:27] tobiahmarks.com
[05:38] gutefabrik.com/joust.html
[08:32] blastmonkeys.com
[14:06] aka.ms/gpb
[14:26] mva.ms
[17:39] aka.ms/mvaunitygames
[18:50] coronalabs.com