Deep Dive: IoT Driving Sustainability

with Olivier Bloch

 Microsoft IoT deep dive iot drivingPremiered: October 14th, 9am-10am PDT with live Q&A and on-demand now.

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Deep Dive: IoT Driving Sustainability 

This is a special Deep Dive to kick off our Project 15 Sustainability Series! Come to hear more on what Microsoft is doing when it comes to driving sustainability and our focus on energy & CO2, Water, Waste and Ecosystems.  How IoT plays a central role in driving sustainability solutions.  We will highlight Project 15 from Microsoft, real-world IoT solutions, and have a fire side chat with Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, IoT and Mixed Reality Sales at Microsoft.

 Guest Speakers: 

  • Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, IoT and Mixed Reality Sales

Rodney Clark

Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM


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