Sharpen Your Cloud Skills - Episode 2 - Use Elasticity to Scale Cloud Resources

Learn how to use elasticity to scale your cloud resources with Jay GordonDwitrisha Saha and Carnegie Mellon University.

Cloud elasticity is the ability of your cloud service to continually reallocate and redistribute resources to adapt to changing demands. With proper automation and strategy, you can increase your service's computing power to better support your development. In this session, Jay Gordon, Microsoft Cloud Advocate and Dwitrisha Saha, Microsoft Student Ambassador, will deep dive into how to optimize your cloud service with the Microsoft Learn Module Scale your cloud resources with elasticity.  They'll describe common load patterns and how they drive the need to scale, they'll discuss strategies and considerations in scaling cloud applications, show the importance of load balancing and provide methods to achieve it. Finally, they'll also discuss the benefits of serverless computing and serverless functions.

This session is perfect for anyone interested in cloud management and wants to learn more about how to leverage cloud elasticity in their service.

Together, you will walk through the free Microsoft Learn module "Scale your cloud resources with elasticity".