DevGAMM 2018: BATTLETECH and Beyond. Fireside chat with Mitch Gitelman

DevGAMM 2018, Seattle

Enjoy the insightful Q&A session with Mitch Gitelman, a 25 year veteran of game development and the President & Co-founder of Harebrained Schemes, and David Edery, the co-founder and CEO of Spry Fox. During the fireside chat, Mitch will reveal the story of Harebrained Schemes establishment.

Before founding Harebrained Schemes in 2011 with his partner Jordan Weisman, Mitch was a founding member and Studio Head for Microsoft Games Studios and led the Xbox LIVE Arcade business in its heyday. He's produced, designed, and written many games in the BattleTech and Shadowrun universes and co-developed the Crimson Skies franchise with Weisman.

David Edery is the co-founder and CEO of Spry Fox, the studio behind titles such as AlphabearTriple TownSteambirdsBushido Bear, and Realm of the Mad God.