Theatre, heritage & MR: How to tell affective stories to bring the past to life

Heritage has always been a fertile area for experimentation and application of immersive technologies as they offer visitors an alternative, animated way to experience exhibits, spaces, and intangible information. Despite the long history of use of technologies such as mobile AR in heritage, it is only in the latest years that AR design started considering the richness of stories connected to the heritage places and make them the focus of the design process. Within this field, Mariza Dima will talk about creating an affective journey of a heritage site using Mixed Reality by tapping into the site's dramatic potential, and how she drew on theatre to explore design methodologies to guide the process. She will also discuss challenges and opportunities of the design process and introduce a draft framework for creating Mixed Reality heritage journeys that are meaningful, educational and fun.

Dr Mariza Dima is an interaction designer and Lecturer in Games Design with a focus on Creative Technology for Games at Brunel University London. With a background in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience design, she has worked with physical, mobile, and haptic interfaces to serve interactions in socio-cultural contexts, prominently in performance art, cultural heritage and social innovation. She has led several projects in partnership with prestigious theatrical companies, museums, cultural organisations, SMEs, and visual arts institutions, and published widely on audience engagement, digital media and immersive technologies. She has just launched a podcast on Mixed Reality and Cultural Heritage which can be found at: https://anchor.fm/immersive-heritage.