Visual Effects in Mixed Reality

Designing visual effects for mixed reality can be a tricky task! With two displays instead of one, depth cues, and sometimes even the real world under your experience, there's a lot to consider! Join me for this presentation, and we'll explore some tips and tricks I've learned throughout my extensive Mixed Reality career for making your stuff look cool, and keeping things running super fast!

About Nick Klingensmith, Lead Engineer, Mixed Reality, Microsoft.

Nick is an experienced game developer and educator specializing in tool development, graphics programming, MR, and Unity! With over 100 published games, he's worked on small arcade games, mobile high fidelity GPU pushing titles, all the way to massive networked social games. The tools he's published on the Unity Asset Store are also used in thousands of games, on just about every modern platform imaginable! Nick has not only collected all the Unity certifications currently available, he's also helped write content for Unity certifications as well. Nick currently works for Microsoft as an engineer on the Mixed Reality Academy team in San Francisco, and is the primary developer of StereoKit, the OpenXR powered Mixed Reality library.