DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.5 - Unit Testing

Software testing is an essential practice for producing high quality, production ready software. It helps improve the stability, maintainability, and the confidence that developers have in their code.

In part 5 of our DevOps For ASP.NET Developers series, Abel and Jeremy discuss the benefits of software testing and some of the various ways we can approach testing. They show us how to get started writing tests in .NET Core and also how to run them in our Azure Devops pipeline.

  • [01:20] - Benefits of unit testing
  • [07:26] - Different ways of writing tests
  • [12:08] - Unit testing vs Integration testing
  • [15:48] - Running tests in Azure DevOps
  • [24:42] - How long do tests run for?


Episode 4 - Continuous Integration

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