Messaging with Azure Event Hubs

In this episode, Serkant Karaca and Shubha Vijayasarathy from the Azure Event Hubs team join us to talk about how and when to use Azure Event Hubs as the messaging component in our .NET applications. They'll discuss use cases, cover topics like partitioning  and also show how to use the .NET SDK for Event Hubs.

  • [01:06] - How is Event Hubs different from the other messaging options?
  • [03:50] - How does Event Hubs relate to IoT Hub?
  • [06:14] - Exploring an Event Hubs namespace in the Azure portal
  • [08:33] - Sending events via the .NET SDK
  • [17:40] - How do partitions work in Event Hubs?
  • [23:11] - Receiving events via the .NET SDK


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