Skype Development

Learn about Skype development and your options to start calls and chats in the Skype clients.

Applies to: Skype

Skype calls and chats can be initiated directly from websites, desktop, and mobile apps by using Skype URIs. If you are an Android developer, you can initiate Skype calls using Skype URIs and the Intent pattern. A better alternative is to use the Skype for Android SDK to simplify the code you will write.

Skype Platform SDKs

Help your users get in contact with you by instant message, video or voice call. Use Skype 's infrastructure to power your communication. This SDK will allow you to deep link to a call or instant message chat in the Skype app using an Intent, removing the complexity of building URLs for Intents.

Your app will only start Skype calls on an Android device with the Skype client installed. The Skype for Business client does not support this SDK.

The Skype for Android SDK lets you start a chat, audio, or video call with as few as two lines of Java code.

Skype URIs

Skype URIs enable you to create innovative mobile, web, and desktop apps that initiate Skype calls and chats, enabling your users to reach their friends, family and businesses in a convenient yet familiar way. For example, if your mobile app presents a contact list that contains Skype names or phone numbers, your app can use a Skype URI to launch the official Skype client and initiate a call to a selected contact.

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