Trusted Application API samples


The Trusted Application API is in Developer Preview and not licensed for production usage. As part of Microsoft’s intelligent communications vision, we’re building extensible communications capabilities into Teams. For more Teams Developer information, see

To jump start developement with the Trusted Application API, we've created two sample applications that you can clone or download from our GitHub OfficeDev organization.

QuickStart application sample

The Quick start console application can be considered a "100 level" sample. It shows you how to make the minimum usable calls against the Trusted Application API. There are only five steps to deploy this application. Be sure to get familiar with this sample and deploy it before you tackle the next sample.

Anonymous meeting join application sample

This sample can actually be deployed on in a cloud such as Azure and it will let you complete a simple online meeting join scenario. It requires that you spend a little bit more time in Azure application registration so that you can set up needed Azure resources.