AutoDiscovery library

AutoDiscovery.js is a JavaScript library that helps an application find the Microsoft Unified Communications Web API 2.0 home server.

Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

Use the functions in the AutoDiscovery module to discover the correct location of the AutoDiscover service and set up a Transport object with the correct final domain. For more information, see Transport library.

Create an AutoDiscovery object

The AutoDiscovery constructor has one parameter: a Transport object. Before an Autodiscovery object can be created, an object representing the parameter must be created.

var domain = "",
targetOrigin = "",
Transport = new microsoft.rtc.ucwa.samples.Transport(targetOrigin);
AutoDiscovery = microsoft.rtc.ucwa.samples.AutoDiscovery(Transport);

The variables declared in the preceding example are used in subsequent examples in this topic.

startDiscovery(domain, container, callback)

The startDiscovery function is the starting point for auto-discovery.

Parameter Description
domain FQDN to use during auto-discovery.
container DOM element that will contain the injected iframe(s).
callback Method to execute when auto-discovery completes.


startDiscovery(domain, container, callback)


function handleResult(data) {
 if (data !== null) {
 // Can start authentication.
 } else {
 // Something went wrong as it was unable to find AutoDiscoverService root.
AutoDiscovery.startDiscovery(domain, container, handleResult);


The startDiscovery function stores the supplied callback, and begins the internal processing of auto-discovery.