Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

Represents information in a typical invitation.

For more on web links, see Web links.

Name Description
rel The resource that this link points to. In JSON, this is the outer container.
href The location of this resource on the server, and the target of an HTTP operation.


Name Description
direction The direction of the invitation.
importance The importance.
operationId The operation ID as supplied by the client.The maximum length is 50 characters.
state The invitation state.
subject The subject.The maximum length is 250 characters.
threadId The thread ID of the conversation.

This resource can have the following relationships.

Link Description
cancel Cancels the corresponding invitation.
conversation Represents the local participants perspective on a multi-modal, multi-party communication.
from Represents the participant that sent an invitation.

Azure Active Directory scopes for online applications

The user must have at least one of these scopes for operations on the resource to be allowed.

Scope Permission Description
Conversations.Initiate Initiate conversations and join meetings Allows the app to initiate instant messages, audio, video, and desktop sharing conversations; and join meetings on-behalf of the signed-in user
Conversations.Receive Receive conversation invites Allows the app to receive instant messages, audio, video, and desktop sharing invitations on-behalf of the signed-in user