Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

Error response. This is never explicitly requested by the client - but the client will receive this in the event of an error.

For more on web links, see Web links.

Name Description
rel The resource that this link points to. In JSON, this is the outer container.
href The location of this resource on the server, and the target of an HTTP operation.


Name Description
code Gets the error code.
message Gets the error message.
subcode Gets the error subcode.

This resource can have the following relationships.

Link Description
self The link to the current resource.



Response body

The response from a GET request contains the properties and links shown in the Properties and Links sections at the top of this page.

Synchronous errors

The errors below (if any) are specific to this resource. Generic errors that can apply to any resource are covered in Generic synchronous errors.