Session border controllers

These session border controllers that are certified for Skype for Business.

Vendor Product ExUM Support Software Version
Audiocodes Mediant 500 E-SBC 7.00A.021.013
Mediant 800 E-SBC 7.00A.021.013
Mediant 1000 E-SBC 7.00A.021.013
Mediant 2600 SBC 7.00A.021.013
Mediant 4000B SBC 7.00A.021.013
Mediant 9000 SBC 7.00A.044.007
Mediant Virtual Edition SBC 7.20A.000.042
Nuera GX 500 E-SBC 7.00A.021.013
GX 800 E-SBC 7.00A.021.013
GX 1K SBC 7.00A.021.013
GX 2600 SBC 7.00A.021.013
GX 4K SBC 7.00A.021.013
GX 9K SBC 7.00A.044.007
GX SW SBC 7.20A.000.042
Oracle Net-Net 3820 ECX6.4.0 MR-5 GA (Build 455) ‡
Oracle Enterprise SBC AP4600 ECZ7.5.0 Patch 2
(Build 143)
Ribbon Communications SBC SWe
SWe Lite 6.1.2
SBC 1000
6.1.0 Build 457
SBC 2000 4.1.1 Build 376 ‡
SBC 5000 4.2.4F003
SBC 5110 05.01.00 R000f
SBC 5400 05.01.00-R000
SBC 7000

‡ This device was pre-release tested with Skype for Business. Upon completion of official qualification testing, the software version may change.

All Lync Server 2013 qualified session border controllers are forward compatible and supported with Skype for Business 2015. See this list of Lync Server 2013 qualified SBCs.

If you are a vendor that wishes to join the certification program, see How to Join for requirements and available programs.