Provisioning of Skype Room System Exchange and Skype Accounts

Read these topics to learn how to provision Exchange and Skype accounts for Skype Room System.


Skype Room Systems v2 is a different product with different dependencies and deployment procedures. For information on Skype Room Systems v2, see the Skype Room Systems v2 deployment overview.


Skype Room System account provisioning depends on the type of topology your organization has. To know more about Active Directory topologies, see Environmental requirements for Skype for Business Server 2015.

Provisioning of Skype Room System Exchange & Skype for Business Accounts

The following topics describe how to provision and manage Skype Room System Exchange and Skype for Business accounts for:

  • Single forest on-premises deployments

  • Multiple forest on-premises deployments

  • Office 365

  • Hybrid deployments

  • Skype Room System and Skype for Business federated partners

  • Manage Skype Room System accounts