IP Relay in Canada - user guide

Description of the IP Message Relay service from Microsoft:

Scenario A

If a hearing- or voice-impaired person wishes to contact a non-impaired individual, they “chat” via a special web-based client to an agent called a Call Taker.

The Call Taker then communicates with the hearing- or voice-impaired person via the chat session and contacts the non-impaired person through the telephone network anywhere in Canada or the United States, as required.

Scenario B

If a non-impaired person wishes to talk to a registered hearing- or voice-impaired user, they call the toll-free number as provided by Microsoft.

The Call Taker then communicates with the non-impaired person and contacts the hearing- or voice-impaired person via chat and communicates back and forth.

Should the hearing- or voice-impaired person not be online in the chat program, if an email address is available the Call Taker will send an email to the hearing- or voice-impaired person, if requested by the caller.

Scenario C

If an hearing- or voice-impaired person requires emergency assistance, he or she may select the appropriate button: 911 – Police / 911 – Fire / 911 – Ambulance.

This will send an emergency notification to the Northern IP Relay operators, who will then access the 911 account designed for this purpose. Once the Call Taker has confirmed his or her address, they will contact the appropriate PSAP and stay on the line for as long as required.

How to place a Text chat to Voice call


To initiate a text to voice call, go to the above URL and log in with your IP Message Relay Username and Password.

Once logged in, you will see instructions displayed on the left side of your screen.

How to make a Text to Voice call:

  1. In the lower-right corner of screen, click Chat.
  2. Click the IPRelay user.
  3. In the bottom of the new box that pops up, type your message.

How to receive a Voice to Text call:

  • Voice users will need to know your IP Message Relay Username in order to place a voice to text call.
  • Voice users can call (866) 660-8613 to connect with an IP Message Relay operator.
  • You must be logged in to the IP Message Relay portal to receive calls or chats.

How to place a 911 call:

If you experience an emergency, you may select the appropriate emergency button located at the bottom of your screen (as shown below).

Emergency buttons

The IP Message Relay Operator will contact 911, confirm your address and translate with various emergency centers until he or she is no longer required, and the appropriate department has been dispatched to your location.


Please do not test this service, as the appropriate agency will be contacted and possibly dispatched even if you indicate it is simply a test, and you may be charged a false dispatch fee from the emergency agency.

Customer Support:

Please contact Special Projects at specialprojects@northern911.com or (705) 222-1733.


Northern911 manages the IP relay service on behalf of Microsoft.

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