New features in the firmware update for Polycom VVX IP phones


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This article describes the features of the firmware update for the Polycom VVX Phone for Skype for Business (IP phone) that supports Microsoft Skype for Business Online.

Firmware upgrade options

Phones that are certified for the Skype for Business Cloud PBX add-on are configured to download and install new firmware automatically when updates are available. For manual control of firmware upgrades, see Set-CsIPPhonePolicy.

To avoid affecting core business hours, the phones receive firmware updates during off hours for specific regions. The updates are also delivered on a staggered schedule to have a minimal effect on traffic bandwidth.

Prerequisites for Cloud PBX automatic device updates

The following prerequisites apply to automatic device updates for Cloud PBX.

  • The phone must be signed in by using a Skype for Business Online user account in order to download and install the new firmware.
  • A minimum software release of must be deployed on the phone in order to automatically download and install the new firmware by using a device update policy.

Supported models for this release

The following models of the Polycom VVX Business Media Phone are supported by this firmware update:

  • VVX 6xx
  • VVX 5xx
  • VVX 4xx
  • VVX 3xx
  • VVX 201


  • The estimated time to install new firmware on this phone is less than 15 minutes.
  • The phone will restart as part of the upgrade process.

What's new

The following table lists the features that are provided in this firmware update.

Feature Description
Improved visual voice mail Improvements to the visual representation of voice mail, retrieval process, and details and controls
Improved PC pairing Improved and secure user experience for PC pairing, together with multiple-scenario enhancements and software updates
Web sign-in A simple sign-in method for online users
Phone lock A device security mechanism to protect the user's privacy and security
User interface (UI) improvements Improvements to the Skype for Business UI on VVX5xx and VVX6xx phones
Log upload Log upload mechanism for troubleshooting
QoE Quality of Experience (QoE) upload metrics
Modern authentication support For improved and secured authentication against Skype for Business and Microsoft Exchange Server

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