ADO Task Table

The following table lists programming tasks contained in the ADO Programmer's Guide and provides references for each task. These references can be textual descriptions or code examples in which you can find information about the ADO feature that performs the task.

ADO Task References
Connecting to a data provider Connect to Data Sources
Executing commands or calling stored procedures Prepare and Execute Commands
Opening a Recordset Receive Results
Determining the size of a Recordset Size of Recordset and Boundaries of Recordset
Moving to a specific record Navigating Through the Data
Accessing column values The Fields Collection
Searching for data Working with Recordsets
Modifying data and changing values Editing Existing Records
Adding new data Adding Records
Deleting or removing data Deleting Records Using the Delete Method
Posting changes to the data source Updating Data
Beginning, committing, and rolling back transactions Transaction Processing
Saving records to a file (XML or binary) Persisting Data
Handling errors ADO Errors
Handling events, asynchronous programming ADO Event Handler Summary
Choosing cursor location and type Types of Cursors
Choosing lock types Types of Locks
Returning related records in a Recordset Data Shaping Summary
Accessing semi-structured data Records and Streams
Using XML for queries or command input Command Streams
Returning XML data from a provider Retrieving Resultsets into Streams
Publishing to IIS Using ADO for Internet Publishing